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Rohtas district is one of the thirty-seven districts of Bihar state, India.

Headquarters: Sasaram Area: 3850 km² Population: 2,448,762 (2001 census) Sub Divisions: Sasaram, Dehri, Bikramganj Blocks: Nauhatta, Chenari, Nasriganj, Rohtas, Shivsagar, Dawath, Karakat, Nokha., Vikramganj, Kargahar, Sasaram, Dihri, Dinara, Kochas, Akorhigola, Rajpur, Tilauthu, Suryapura, Sanjhauli. Agriculture: Paddy, Wheat, Lentils Industry: Cement Rivers: Son, Kaw

The Rohtas district is a part of Patna Division, and it has an area of 3850 km² (square kilometres), a population of 2,448,762 (2001 census), and a population density of 636 persons per km². The language spoken in this area is Bhojpuri.

The administrative headquarters of the district, Sasaram is a place of historical importance. Another important symbol of national pride is Sone Bridge, built over the Sone River.There are two parallel bridges, one for road and another for railway. The road bridge (Jawahar Setu built by Gammon India in 1963-65) over Sone was the longest (3061 m) in Asia until it was surpassed by the Mahatma Gandhi setu (5475 m) over the river Ganga at Patna. The railway bridge is still the longest railway bridge in Asia. The district is also home to the Rohtasgarh fort, which was one of the strongest forts in the medieval age


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  1. This is very usefull information Sasaram located in western part of Bihar.